Thursday, March 3, 2016

Deployment blues

So I bought furniture, and a neat gizmo from Amazon and of course...things. Scott, my temperate shopper and sane voice in my head is too far away now. I remember doing this when Curtiss died.  Maybe it's how I cope...or how I feel better.  Maybe I should just stop.

I scramble every day to figure out how to proceed with humor, grace and expectation.  That something good will come of this. That the all things work together for good will be realized sooner than in retrospect. Faith I guess is figuring on the rear view perspective rather then the windshield.

(Husband is deployed till December 2016...another weird chapter in our lives)

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Anonymous said...

I think of you often these days, asking our Heavenly Father to fill the void that you are dealing with with His peace, love and satisfaction. - lew